How you make your pictures look super cute besides looking already super cute with hearts or do they just magically appear?

they magically appear they follow me IRL everywhere thank u!!

I use linecamera app

i long loveing lick of the birdo man sugarkc


birdo is a man



Daisy is cute…. if she wasn’t so annoying!

pink pikachu | edit by sylveon-princess
pink pikachu | edit by sylveon-princess


1. how do you get thing?
A. uh….???I think uh??? ??????????????????? ?

tulilipscrossing replied to your post:tulilipscrossing said: i want pumpkin… how? uh I…

but how pumpkin mask first acnl autumn for me now

u get pumpkin mask on Halloween from….villagers??? I think I don’t remember…i think u scare em and they…..give u mask……

tulilipscrossing said: i want pumpkin… how?

uh I don’t give out the secret for my award winning pumpkin sorry

its just the pumpkin mask turned around ;)